Pubs in Melbourne stand out from the crowd

One of the hippest cities in Australia is, without a shred of a doubt, Melbourne. This artsy and tourist friendly city has become one of the most visited places in the country, being highly competitive with its more famous counterpart, Sidney. The night life in Melbourne is one of the main attraction points of those visiting the city. As a matter of fact, those who take their drinking destinations seriously can full heartedly say that Melbourne has some of the world’s best bars and pubs in the world. Many of the Melbourne pubs and bars benefit from great locations and setting, like rooftops, outdoor gardens or laneways.


Popular places

By far the most visited pubs in Melbourne are the ones located near the downtown, which benefit from a water view and are close to other entertainment venues of the city. There is really something for everyone in Melbourne in what bars and pubs are concerned. We are talking about beer gardens, wine bars, lounges, live music bars, sports pubs and happy hour pubs and bars. Melbourne pubs are rather renowned for their friendly staff and high quality services.

But since beer is the most important thing when it comes to pubs, there is a great variety of types of beers to be found in these pubs. Starting from lager to black beer and flavored ones, there is really no way one could not find something on his or her liking. And when we take the exquisite pub food into considerations, then we can safely say that Melbourne pubs can safely compete with the best pubs in the world.


Top 3 Things To Look For When Hunting Pubs In Melbourne

What are the most important things to look for when hunting some good pubs in Melbourne? The more people you ask, the more answers you will get. However, some names will obviously repeat. Those are the front runners. But when, what turns a regular pub into the best place in town?

 No one can contest the interpersonal necessities and social skills needed in order to keep the guests entertained. But at the same time, the cellar should make the difference. Practically, if the beer does not feel as tasty as it was when it was produced, you are probably in the wrong pub. Keep in mind that the taste is often underlined by the temperature too, whether it comes to cold as ice lager or room temperature ale.

On a second note, wherever alcohol is served, people will naturally feel hungry too. They do not feel like eating sophisticated meals, but just regular pub food. Sandwiches, pizza and spaghetti make some great options. Fish, pie and chips are just as handy. If you cannot find any of these, you will just look for the nearest fast foods. If you can find a Melbourne bar that provides both tasty drinks and great foods, you should just get there instead.

 Last, but not least, pubs in Melbourne are often described by the recreational activities they provide too. Pub games should not miss. Whether you plan to spend an hour in there or a whole day, pub games can keep you entertained. Poker is one of the latest trends in this industry, but less sophisticated games like darts or pool are just as handy. Generally speaking, pubs are supposed to represent some of the most entertaining places out there. When you can find drinks, food and entertainment at the same time, you know that you are in the right place.